Safely in the Harbor, from The Tempest, oil on linen, 1976-77, 30 x 40, private collection
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The Rosemarie Beck Foundation is a private, not-for-profit organization that seeks to honor the values, ideals and concrete artistic/pedagogic/literary output of the painter and teacher Rosemarie Beck by allowing for the thoughtful and timely exposure of her work and related aspects of her career. 

The foundation will provide housing, care and exhibition of her oeuvre to assure its most beneficial access to the public.  It shall be an overarching goal of all actions of the Board to use the work wherever possible as a concrete springboard for inspiring serious artists of all ages via technical, financial and other means in the best mentoring-collegial spirit that was Rosemarie Beck's personal and professional legacy.


Roger Phelps President
Martha Hayden Vice-President
Doria Hughes Secretary
Roger Phelps Treasurer
Colleen Randall Board Member
Catherine Drabkin Board Member
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